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The Task

I was tasked with solving an issue of disorganized and fragmented budget and sales records by creating a centralized location for business-critical information to be stored and retrieved. My solution was to create a web application that would serve as an employee portal, as this would allow all employees to access and edit records concurrently and from anywhere in the world.

The Solution  See the Code

I created a Django web application and designed the architecture to best accommodate the requirements of my task. This meant that there needed to be support for many customers that fall under different sectors and are located in many regions of the world. The application used a MySQL database for data storage and was deployed on Microsoft Azure.

I designed a number of different views to represent the types of reports that my employer needed to run. These reports applied various filters to the collected data based on fields like year, quarter, plant location, customer region, and customer sector.

HandPickd Color Picker GIF
A budget report by Region by Sector, showing all budget records for customers
in Europe grouped by their sector. All data is randomly generated.

Each generated report allowed users to export the results in various formats, including copying all cell values to clipboard, generating an Excel spreadsheet, and printing the result table. Each report also included a search bar so that specific rows can be easily found from large result tables.

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A global report by Sector, showing sales vs budgets to display loss and profit.
All data is randomly generated.